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Wildlife News

Pteronura brasiliensis. Photo by David.Monniaux licensed under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2

Dams planned for the Amazon and its tributaries could do irreversible harm to fish migrations and to wildlife — but energy solutions ranging from run-of-the-river dams to a shift to solar and wind power could safeguard ...

Domus Longus will be installed in the waters off Sulawesi to commemorate Coral Day there.

A vacation visit to the island of Nosy Hara off the coast of Madagascar resulted in the accidental discovery of a ...

The government is also pushing to revise a 25-year-old conservation law.
featured image

Woman who spotted Asian giant softshell turtle in a Malaysian Borneo market bought it; turned it over to wildlife experts, who ...

This odd, armored animal is the planet’s most trafficked mammal, with its meat considered a delicacy and its scales a cure-all ...

Primate researcher says that gleaning local knowledge, and working hand-in-hand with local communities is key to conservation.
Nashipai along Ewaso Nyiro River

We explore the nexus of communities and technology in human-carnivore conflict and wildlife conservation. This approach includes novel mobile phone-based systems ...

A university lecturer hunted the endangered primates for his Christmas dinner and posted photos of the carcasses to Facebook.

In 1997, the government of Botswana began evicting indigenous San and Bakgalagadi people from their homelands in the Central Kalahari Game ...

No more than 100 of the creatures still live in Indonesia's forests, with nine more in captivity.

Genting, IJN are also being divested from because of rainforest destruction in Indonesia.
Alaotra Gentle Lemur. Photo credit: Alice Smith.

Madagascar’s Alaotra wetland is home to two of the world’s rarest mammals; its preservation is vital to the region’s exceptional biodiversity ...

Critiques of the RAPID rhino camera and collar highlight the need for designers and conservation managers to work together more closely ...

Two traders of beaks from the helmeted hornbill were arrested in Sumatra, Indonesia, on June 12. Authorities confiscated 12 beaks and ...
G0088423_feature image_drones over Africa

A brief history and assessment of using drones for anti-poaching, by a recognized security expert, Dr. Nir Tenenbaum, with Nathan Hahn ...

In what conservationists are hailing as a major breakthrough in efforts to protect Sumatra's fast-dwindling lowland rainforests, the Indonesian government on ...

A group of 250 scientists from varied backgrounds, disciplines and organizations around the world have united to send a letter to ...
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A deep forest cat so elusive that it could disappear before conservation scientists and the public notice it.
African elephants in Kenya. Photo by: Carl Safina.

An interview with Carl Safina, author of Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel
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